401k Plan Design

In an effort to keep clients and business partners up to date on leading edge 401k plan design trends, Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC suggests the following resources.

10 Key Features Of A Retirement-Ready 401k. Is your 401k plan retirement-ready? Take a look at this checklist to make sure.

401k Best Practices: Plan Design. Are you questioning whether your 401k plan design is still market competitive? A leading-edge 401k plan has the plan design features outlined in this post.

BlackRock Interview With Robert C. Lawton (PDF). Robert C. Lawton, President of Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, is interviewed by former Wall Street Journal editor and BlackRock executive Kelly Greene on how to design the best 401k plan.

Five Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your 401k Plan. After working with thousands of 401k plans for more than 30 years, I have consistently run into a relatively small number of easily fixable problems that can make a big difference in many 401k plans. Check out this list of 401k plan design enhancements to see if your 401k plan can be improved.

Plugging 401k Plan Leakage. Significant amounts of participant balances are leaking out of 401k plans and not being replenished, with potentially disastrous results.

Seven Reasons To Re-enroll Your 401k Participants. A number of plan sponsors re-enroll all their participants each year into managed account options. This post explores the reasons why they do that.

Seven Signs Of A Successful 401k. Over the 30 years that I have spent consulting with plan sponsors about their 401k retirement plans, I have noticed that the best plans have the seven attributes outlined in this post.

Should 401k Plan Sponsors Worry About The Roth Promise? Whenever I talk with 401k plan sponsors or participants about making Roth 401k contributions, at least half of them tell me they would never do it. They all cite the same reason. They don’t trust the federal government to keep its Roth 401k promise to allow tax-free distribution of Roth balances. I think they are wrong — not about trusting Uncle Sam, but about whether the government will keep its Roth 401k promise.

Should Your 401k Plan Offer ESG Investment Options? At the very least, your Investment Committee should have a discussion about the topic. This post explains why.

Study Gives Edge To Roth 401k Contributions Over Pre-Tax 401k. A frequent question I get from 401k plan participants is “What type of contributions should I make Bob, Roth 401k contributions or traditional pre-tax 401k contributions?” After reading the results of a study that was published in The Wall Street Journal, my answer has changed. Making Roth 401k contributions appears to be better for everyone!

The 10 Biggest 401k Plan Misperceptions. Distilled from a career spent counseling retirement plan sponsors and participants, this post shares the 10 biggest misperceptions I have heard about 401k retirement plans.

Why You Should Make Only Roth 401k Contributions. Most retirement plan participants have the option of making regular pre-tax 401k contributions and/or Roth 401k after-tax contributions. Find out why making only Roth 401k contributions is best.

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12 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your 401k Plan

After working with hundreds of 401k plans for more than 30 years, I have compiled a list of low-cost quick fixes that can make a big difference in your 401k plan. Click the button below and complete the form to download the list.