15 Quotes On Renewal For The New Year


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LRPC’s Monday Morning Minute for this week, “15 Quotes On Renewal For The New Year” (presented below) comes to you courtesy of Taylor Leddin. As an independent, objective Registered Investment Advisory firm, Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC has access to research from many sources. Be assured that I will share enlightening, useful information with you each week. This is a short piece I believe everyone can read in less than 60 seconds.

As the new year beckons, it’s time for renewal. Whether 2016 was a great year for you or could have been better, 2017 is filled with exciting possibilities. Check out these quotes on renewal below. I hope they get you rolling into a wonderful 2017.

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15 Quotes On Renewal For The New Year

By Taylor Leddin

New Year, new you (or so they say). If 2016 has you feeling tired and not like yourself, these 15 quotes on renewal will light a fire under you.

With each New Year comes a new sense of renewal. Renewal of hope, renewal of goals, and renewal of inspiration. It can be difficult to keep in the mindset of actively pursuing hope, goals, and inspiration.

But, to keep in said mindset, we often look to successful people who have blazed the trail before us for advice. Here are 15 quotes on renewal: [Read more…]