Trump’s 100 Day Plan & The Economy


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President-elect Trump has talked a lot about his 100 Day Plan to bring immediate change to America. The piece below explores how his busy first 100 days could impact the U.S. economy.

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Trump’s 100 Day Plan & The Economy

By Bernice Napach, Senior Writer, ThinkAdvisor

Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential win has rallied stocks and routed bonds, especially Treasuries, but how long those moves and sentiments last will depend on what Trump actually does once he takes office. Already stocks have retreated slightly from recent market highs and bonds have moved off recent lows.

“Markets are going through a big Trump rethink,” said Carl Weinberg, chief economist at High-Frequency Economics and co-host of a webinar on its implications for the U.S. and Global Economy. Markets are hoping Trump will be practical and market-friendly but don’t really know yet if that will be the case, according to Weinberg. “We have a lot of questions, not a lot of answers.”

Trump offered policy pledges during the campaign and recently released a plan for his first 100 days, but Weinberg advised, “Don’t take his campaign rhetoric and specific proposals too literally.”

He and Jim O’Sullivan, HFE’s chief U.S. economist, discussed several key items in Trump’s 100 Day Plan that investors should be watching now because of their potential impact on the U.S. economy and financial markets. [Read more…]