Mission Statement

Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC Mission Statement outlines how the firm approaches serving its clients.

Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC Mission Statement

Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC (LRPC) is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm dedicated to helping employers in Illinois and Wisconsin with their 401k plan responsibilities. LRPC helps employers choose and monitor the best investment funds for their plans, maintain fiduciary compliance, evolve participant outcome focused plan designs, educate their employees and manage their retirement plan vendors.

Best-in-Class Investment Funds

The firm offers its clients best-in-class investment fund choices. LRPC defines best-in-class investments as those that have top quartile performance histories (better than 75% of their peers), as well as cost and risk attributes that are lower than 75% of their peers.

Absolute Fiduciary Compliance

LRPC will sign on to your plan as a fiduciary, create and manage your Investment Policy Statement (IPS), guide your Investment Committee meetings and ensure your policies, procedures and documents are in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Participant Outcome Focused Plan Design

The firm will ensure that your 401k plan is market-competitive and that it offers the features necessary to help your participants achieve retirement readiness.

Effective Employee Education

LRPC will design and present employee education sessions that are informative, effective and fun!

Best-in-Class Provider Selection and Management

The firm will make certain that you partner with best-in-class providers that fit your culture. LRPC will work with your retirement plan providers to deliver a high-quality participant experience.


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