In an effort to keep clients and business partners up-to-date on emerging 401k plan trends and developments, Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC suggests the following 401k plan resources.

Plan Design & Cost Reduction Consulting Services401k Best Practices. The best 401k plans all share similar attributes. In this section, learn what those attributes are and determine whether your plan could benefit by adopting them.

ERISA, Fiduciary and Legal Compliance Consulting401k Employee Education. All employers face challenges drawing employees into education sessions and generating positive outcomes. This section contains a guide to developing an Employee Education Policy as well as some tips on how to improve your next employee education session.

Vendor Search, Evaluation and Management ServicesFiduciary Compliance. There are many elements involved in proper fiduciary compliance. This section contains resources which can help you determine who in your organization is a fiduciary and what you as the employer are required to do to maintain fiduciary compliance.

Investment Advisory ServicesInvestments. At least annually you should be reviewing your investment fund line-up in your 401k plan. Visit this section for information on how to conduct a proper review. Also, learn about the types of investors you can expect to find in your 401k plan.

Retirement Plan Fee and Service Benchmarking ServicesProvider Reviews. This section contains helpful information on how to conduct effective provider reviews.



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