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By Robert C. Lawton, AIF, CRPS, President, Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC

In a recent speech, Charlie Ellis, founder of the international consulting firm Greenwich Associates, shared the challenges 401k participants face in becoming better 401k investors. As outlined recently in ThinkAdvisor, Ellis cited survey data which indicated that 80% of people think they’re above-average investors. He shared the following false signals that lead to that conclusion:

  • Confirmation bias. We actively seek and retain information that confirms what we already believe.
  • The “our crowd” effect. If our friends believe what we believe then we all must be correct.
  • Hindsight bias. In hindsight, it really wasn’t our fault. We attribute bad investment outcomes to things we can understand rather than to unpredictable market events.
  • Failure to admit defeat. We don’t cut our losses early. Once an investment decision is made, we like to see things through. We fall in love with some of our investments.
  • Fight or flight reactions. We let emotions drive our most important investment decisions.

How can you help participants in your 401k plan become better 401k investors in light of these challenges? Consider including the following points in your next employee education session:

1. Risk-appropriate allocations

Investments should be allocated based upon a participant’s ability to bear risk while considering his/her age and retirement goals. Allocations should be reviewed annually.

2. 401k investors never stop saving

Regardless of market fluctuations, participants need to continue to save and invest.

3. Actively managing emotions

Since participants will be emotional at market tops and bottoms (where many investing mistakes are made) they should be encouraged to develop a strategy to manage their emotions at these times. For example, making a commitment to get professional investment advice when they feel the urge to make an investment change at market tops or bottoms.

Talk with your investment adviser to ensure these important points are included in your next employee education presentation to help your participants become better 401k investors.


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