Award-Winning, Independent 401k Investment Adviser


Robert C. Lawton has earned numerous accolades, including “Top 100 401k Plan Adviser” from PLANADVISER and “Top 300 401k Plan Adviser” from 401k Wire.


Robert C. Lawton has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. He brings Fortune 500 thinking and solutions to the small and medium plan market.

Fiduciary Specialist

You can be assured that your 401k plan will be monitored by a qualified, credentialed, fiduciary compliance specialist with over 30 years of experience.

Lawton Retirement Plan Consultants, LLC (LRPC) is an independent 401k investment advisory firm which is 100% employee-owned. For more than 30 years Robert C. Lawton, AIF®, CRPS® has been helping employers manage their 401k plan responsibilities. Employers trust LRPC because of the firm’s independence, objectivity, and demonstrated expertise.

Using the step-by-step approach outlined below, Lawton has been able to deliver superior results to his clients and achieve nearly 100% client retention.

How We Will Work Together

Step 1

Benchmarking. LRPC begins by benchmarking your 401k plan relative to your peers. The benchmarking reports will show how your investment fees, administrative fees, investment menu, plan design, benefit level, and plan complexity compare to the marketplace.

Step 2

Your goals and objectives. This is where you tell LRPC what is working with your 401k plan and what you would like to improve. 

Step 3

Analysis and recommendations. Using the information from Steps 1 and 2, LRPC analyzes your plan’s investment menu, reviews fiduciary compliance issues and evaluates overall plan design. The outcome of this step is a set of recommendations describing how your 401k plan will be improved. 

Step 4

Employee communication and education. In this final step, LRPC will create an employee communication plan outlining the improvements your employees will enjoy. This communication plan will include the creation of an employee education program that is fun and engaging.

Lawton has worked with many Fortune 500 companies:

●  Aon Hewitt
●  Apple
●  AT&T
●  First Interstate Bank
●  Florida Power & Light
●  General Dynamics
●  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
●  IBM
●  John Deere
●  Mazda Motor Corporation
●  Northern Trust Company
●  Northwestern Mutual
●  Trek Bikes
●  Tribune Company
●  Underwriters Labs

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